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Earnest Anderson

Meet Earnest Anderson, a seasoned coach with a passion for nurturing athletic talent and fostering a love for sports. With a notable track record in both his athletic and coaching journey, Earnest brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field.

Athletic Background

- Earnest boasts a remarkable track career, earning a Varsity Letter for three consecutive years.
  - Represented AAU for three years, showcasing dedication and skill on a competitive level.
  - Achieved the prestigious title of MVP for track and field at Bastrop High School in 2000.
  - Continued his athletic journey at NAIA Houston Tillotson College, specializing as a quarter-miler.
  - Holds impressive personal bests of 47 seconds in the 400m and 21.3 seconds in the 200m, reflecting his exceptional speed and endurance.

Coaching Experience

- With seven years of coaching under his belt, Earnest has honed his skills in various aspects of sports training.
  - Specializes in coaching Flag Football, where his strategic approach and emphasis on teamwork have contributed to the success of his teams.
  - Excels in Speed and Conditioning Drills, helping athletes develop not only speed but also endurance and overall fitness.

Earnest Anderson's coaching philosophy revolves around instilling discipline, teamwork, and a passion for continuous improvement. His hands-on experience as both an athlete and coach uniquely positions him to guide aspiring athletes towards their full potential. Join his coaching sessions for a transformative sports experience that goes beyond the track or field.


Erin, Austin, TX

I am excited to highly recommend Kyser and his private Youth Track Club. As a former colleague who worked with Kyser at the YMCA for several years, I can attest to his exceptional ability to work with children and inspire them to reach their full potential. Kyser has a natural gift for connecting with children on their level and making athletics a fun and enjoyable experience! His positive and encouraging demeanor motivates children to push themselves to improve their skills, while also fostering a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in athletics, and his coaching style is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each child. His dedication to working with children, combined with his passion for athletics, make him an exceptional coach and mentor for anyone looking to develop a love of running and improve their skills.

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